Sunday, June 26, 2011

Warped Innovation

Experience an evening of contemporary arts!

The Warped Innovation Art Exhibition's opening night will take place Saturday, July 23rd 2011 & last until Sunday, Aug 7th 2011

Art Gallery Exhibition, Tattoos, Vendros, Live Painters, DJ's, Video Artists, Performers, etc.
8-9pm exhibition artists will do a collaborative performance piece and live paint on a wall of the tattoo parlor.

*Exhibition Artists*


Hans Wolf

Jamie Martinez

Zofia Bogusz

Anibal Padilla

Mani C. Price

Remi White

Anthony Cruz

Sofia Bachvarova

*Live Painters*

Songtsen Hollander

Brett Crowley

*Video Artists*
(For the Exquisite Chain Reaction Animation/Video Art Loop)

Mani Price
Jason Price
Jelani Gould-Bailey
Nash Day
Alexandre Fedorintchik
Taili Wu
Promiscuous Joe
Rita Sa
Doug O' Neil
Saquedon Art
Arlington Cruz
Stieg Retlin
Jainai Jeffries
Adam Weinberg
Talar Arous
Sapient Joe
Jacob Rendell
Daniel Forgue
Stefan Gosiewski
Aghori Christ
Salma Jane

*Art & Vending*

Fish with Braids

Gnomes Grown

Elinor Nehemia

Hope to see you there!

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