Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Orchard Windows Gallery presents “BEYOND THE ABYSS” by KALIPTUS Curated by DINO ELI

Orchard Windows Gallery presents BEYOND THE ABYSS
Solo Art Exhibition by KALIPTUS
Curated by DINO ELI

On the first Friday, the 13th of 2012, step into a portal that will take you through and beyond the abyss.

Kaliptus will be creating a universe of its own, an exhibition of multimedia and contemporary fine arts that will take those present on a vision quest to the gap in between the Real and the Unreal. Experience a sensory overload of divine trauma that points the finger at man, the mind, some of the deepest secrets of the universe and what lies beyond the “inner abyss”

This exhibition will take place inside two galleries

“THANATOS” Room: Orchard Windows Gallery on 37 Orchard Street
“EROS” Room: Dino Eli Gallery on 81 Hester Street

(Both galleries are a walkable distance from each other and no less than a few yards apart.)

Improv sounds by PHUSE.ANALYSIS

For gallery inquires please call 917-995-1001

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