Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Contrast Art Show: A Clear Cut Above

In the heart of midtown Manhattan, up above on the 14th Floor of 320 Studios there happens to be an art show held a number of times in the year. This turns out to be one of New York’s best little kept art secrets: The Contrast Art Show. Organized by Jack Davletshin along with the generosity and support of Mr. John Stavros, this art event is the breeding ground for New York’s emergent and under the radar artists. Underground Art has been elevated up to the glittering skyline view of this city.

In this round, 17 artists are included in the show and just to name a few: Tracy Von Becker, Mary Jean Canziani, Erin Dinan, Mike Wolf, Rachel Wilkins, Colleen Blackard, Kaliptus, River Clark, et al. – all the artists are extremely talented to be included in this installation. Set in unorthodox displays, no curated snobbery, and a price list for access to purchase: Contrast aims to showcase underground art in the best and loftiest standards possible.

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