Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Horned Wolf

"The Horned Wolf"
Short Story by Kaliptus

Amidst the darker forests of Sweden, a horned wolf, never before seen by human eyes, existed amongst the creatures of the night. Its birth and origins are as mysterious as the origins of the soul itself but its age had to be no younger than 400 years old. Though the horned wolf had not needed to eat as much flesh to survive as he daily did in his younger age, he now sustained his endurance with bi-monthly meals. It was due, his time to eat and in the middle of the dark forest night, he stumbled upon a beautiful, naked girl stepping into a pond. Her flesh was a very pale white and she was thin but curved delicately. Her long hair was a reddish bright brown and waved down to the center of her pelvis. Skies black, and full moon reflecting upon the pond’s waters, the horned wolf lurked and gazed upon this beauty of flesh and bone. A drip of drool slips from the wolf’s mouth and lands below on the moist grasses occupied by crickets, beetles, spiders and oversized water bugs. In this windless night, the girl slowly walks into the waters, step by step, descending into the depths until she is neck high. Only wild crickets and the gentleness of the parting waters could be heard, as the girl begins to swim. She dives underneath to wet her hair and behind her, the horned wolf sneaks into the waters swiftly but quite silently. Much like an alligator, the horned wolf spirals around her but keeps his distance a few yards behind her at all times. He stalks her beauty and every move of grace, waiting for the perfect moment to devour her. She swims up for air, from underneath the waters and relaxes.

The wolf’s heart begins to pound harder and faster as he becomes more and more aware of the rhythms of her hear beating. As he focuses only on his gaze upon her and the sound of her beating hear, his heart begins to match her beat and he goes into trance. His vision turns into a reddish orange haze and he indulges in trance like never before. This prey was different than all the others. As he tuned in, deeper into the trance, the girl gasped, becoming aware of the trance itself as if it were an invisible channel that one could tune into telepathically. The souls of the two began to intertwine themselves in a sort of hypnagogic spell of magical lust. Orbs began to manifest around and above the pond, a site that not one or the other had ever witnessed before. As the waters began to dimly glow and the two became ever more connected through the trance, the girl began to moan softly and quiver. The wolf’s beating heart felt as if it had risen to his head and continued to sync to the girl’s. Her eyes, now rolling behind her skull and expressing the most vibrant and hypnotic signs of possession, began to glow reddish orange like the color of the wolf’s vision. Though she uncontrollably surrendered to this orgasmic force, she remained very conscious of her magnifying senses. Every molecule of her nakedness throbbed with immense energy and pleasure.

The wolf’s breathing disrupted his own silence as he began to lose control of himself. He lunged himself at the girls neck and throat and began to nibble on her enough for slender bleeding but not enough for a kill. His phallus erects itself and he penetrates her sacred temple, breaking away her virginity forever. Droplets of blood now dissipate underwater from her genitalia as the two embrace each other in this carnal and nocturnal love. Diffracted shockwaves of orange energy pulse and radiate out of the two, rippling through the waters and out, onto the grasslands. The orbs begin to glow brighter with each pulsation and each repeating penetrative thrust that the wolf delivers in his love making catharsis. The girl, now screaming like a maenad and feasting upon her horned lycanthrope lover, wraps her arms and legs around the beast. The spirits of the forest manifest around them and begin to dance and rejoice. Archetypal forms rise and dissolve in the ether threads of semi-transparent energies that emit from the two lovers. Illumination chases away the darkness out of the forest pond as the phantoms of love multiply in quantity and quality. The wolf and the girl begin to climax. His black claws tightly grasp her all over, scarring her slightly on her breasts, thighs and back. As he penetrates her deeper and faster, he makes his way to lift her from behind, with one paw stimulating her down below and another grasping her voluptuous breasts. The two begin to float out of the water and rise up towards the skies.

A vortex of thundering clouds from above begins to spiral down around them and engulfs the two as they rise towards the skies. Their lovemaking becomes deeper than ever now and the horned wolf’s penetrations become so fast that no human or mammal’s anatomy could ever be competent enough to match its smooth and rhythmic speed. The screaming girl ejaculates during the peak of the climax, and her own vaginal waters come splashing out into the pond below, like the bursting of a water balloon that has been filled to the max. The horned wolf’s phallus bursts a bright orange light that fills her entire body and all of her cells explode with ecstasy like never before. Her vision goes white. Everything goes silent in the eternity of the moment. The wolf enters her heart, realizing for the first time the he had been a spirit all along, rather than a physical deity. As the white flash fades out, the body of the girl drops from the sky and she falls into the waters of the pond beneath her, in a state of utopian rapture. As she resurfaces from underneath the water and surrenders to the floating of her naked flesh, she begins to become aware of the wolf’s forces dwelling in her heart. He is forever inside her now and his forces are now hers to employ. She lies there, floating in the waters of the pond and staring at the moon, remembering now her personal identity that she had previously given up in trade for her transformative bliss and union with the horned wolf. She remembered that she had been a witch at play all along and had actually invoked the horned wolf after all. Though his lustful appearance and powers surprised her and caught her off guard she knew that this wondrous beast would be the best lover she would of ever have known. In fact, the witch of the past and the horned wolf had symbolically died in their union and a new being was reborn, dressed in the flesh and bones of the witch. And though the newborn empress of magical forces had access to both the astral memories of the wolf and the earthly memories of the witch, she made her way out of the waters as a new and powerful being. The union of the two souls had made a third soul, which was now her new identity. She had grown more powerful in her preceding moments than a combination of powers that the previous two could have ever imagined. As she walked out of the waters and on through the forest, she radiated with divinity and was made more graceful and cunning than a sylph or the devil himself. She was ready to take on the world with not only new eyes but also an entirely new archetypal essence. Her new soul made its mark so deeply into the collective that it subtly and eternally changed the whole of timelessness itself. She had become the horned wolf incarnate and experienced the kind of Love that even the gods find rare and cherish most.

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