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Dialogue between a Bodhisattva and a Savage

Dialogue between a Bodhisattva and a Savage
(Fiction by Kaliptus)

It was an autumnal, chilly evening. The setting sun cast skewed shadows amongst the highest rocky mountains of Spiti Valley where a Bodhisattva sat, legs crossed in meditation, enjoying the breeze. A few yards away, a bearded savage approached the mountain top, dirty with blood stains and mud all over his old smelly clothes, drinking the last of his booze as he got closer and closer to the calm and serene Bodhisattva. Giggling with a sinister and provocative intent, the middle-aged bearded fool sat in front of the Bodhisattva to test his wisdom.

SAVAGE: Are you alive?… eh heh heh.. Anybody home.. Ugh!! The hell you doing here in the cold? Got some change to spare?


SAVAGE: What's the matter? Don't say much do ya?


SAVAGE: Ya know… its kind of dangerous for an unarmed man to be hangin' out around here with no company or anything. A lot of wild beasts roam around, predators of all kinds starving for flesh and all.

BODHISATTVA: I fear not beasts or flesh-dominated creatures. If I am to die, I will die here today. I fear not death. I embrace it.

SAVAGE: He speaks! hahaha. For a minute I thought you were a mute or something. Hey, you said you embrace death and all right. Well, want to hear a story, ya crazy old kook? I killed a man today. That's right, no regrets neither. The bastard was a pathetic fool anyways, full of riches but as dumb as a pig. I take what I can get. The world is a jungle. Its either eat or get eaten. But know worries for you old kook, I've got no reason to harm' ya… at least for now, hahahahaha!

BODHISATTVA: You are very in-tuned with your animal nature, a rare feat for the average man in today's world. Many have forgotten that although we are all One Cosmic point of unified and divine consciousness in our truest aspect, we are temporarily bound by flesh,an animal body, which has its carnal and wicked urges rooted in a history of thousands of years of genetic bio-survival imprints. I've learned all about this and have tamed the beast within with Yoga. I can teach you if you are interested.

SAVAGE: Yoga? Sounds like its for pussies.. What you think your better than me or somethin?

BODHISATTVA: Not better, not worse. We are One. But in this incarnation, I have chosen Spirit over Flesh with the aid of disciplinary exercises. You have obviously chosen Flesh over Spirit, not worse, not better. Each has his own style. Each and every path eventually leads every soul to enlightenment… If you go deep enough.

SAVAGE: I do love flesh! You can say that again… You got any food on ya?


SAVAGE: What's you got in that bag of yours, heh, Heh?

The Savage unleashes a dagger from his boot and started fiddling with it, waving it in front of the bodhisattva's face as if to taunt him. Angered by the unresponsive reaction he attempts to mug the bodhisattva, but in a blink of an eye, the bodhisattva was gone, leaving behind his garments and dress clothes.

SAVAGE: What the!? You damn fool, where did you go?

BODHISATTVA: I'm right behind you. Was your awareness too limited and slow to perceive my movement just now

SAVAGE: What! I don't know how you just pulled that one, but you vanished out of thin air!!! How did you do that?

BODHISATTVA: I didn't do that. But you surely perceived it. When one works from the Spirit, one can achieve many wonderful feats, all of which are mere illusion but none of which are of any value at all when referenced to the Unifying Light of the Absolute.

SAVAGE: You are one arrogant, self-righteous, sneaky prick aren't ya, old man. I'll blame this one on the rye whiskey! let's see if you can dodge my next blow!!

The Savage tossed the dagger at the naked Bodhisattva's face, skillfully, like he had thrown daggers all of his life. The bodhisattva didn't flinch. Immediately out of nowhere, a strong gust of wind blows the dagger slightly off direction and the blade barely misses the bodhisattva's face by about a quarter of an inch.

SAVAGE: You lucky FUCK!!! I never miss. Is this another one of your tricks? How the fuck did you pull that one. I can kill three birds with one knife!!! Arghhh!!!

The savage lunged himself at the bodhisattva's throat and out of nowhere, a snow leoard, appears from his left and attacks the savage with great force. The savage falls on his back and the snow leopard ravages the savage's arm as he holds it up over his face in, screaming in pain. The bodhisattva sighs and approaches the wild beast. He whistles to it and the beast stops the attack and retreats back into the wilderness. The savage, breathing heavily now in despair, with his arm all torn and bloody, lies on the ground in shock, grunting and moaning.

SAVAGE: What the fuck, man! urghh, huh… I guess you saved my life.. I would of sliced that fucker anyways but… You've got some luck surrounding you or something. I might hang around with you more. Maybe it'll rub off on me or something. Hahaha… Urgh.. Then again I don't believe in luck. Its gotta be a coincidence, cause' I sure as hell don't believe in cheesy magic tricks neither. *hiccup*

BODHISATTVA: Its not luck or magic. I simply trust the universe. I have trained my mind to be immovable like a mountain and at times, the nature of my surroundings support that inner discipline that I have attained.

SAVAGE: Bullshit we are all fucking ANIMALS not super heroes with special powers! Just like the fucker that just bit me. There's no changing that, just indulging in it. People, animals, the world, nothing changes!! Its the nature of the beast. You ever rip the guts out of a living human?!! You ever slice a woman's nipple off because she was being such a cunt! They are all made of flesh and they all die squealing. I kill, rape, steal and cheat my way through life because that's how the animal kingdom rolls! Its the only thing that keeps me alive. Its fucking natural in this violent world we live in. I see these little clueless, sheep-like individuals running around, they don't even know what its like to be human. I may not sit on a fucking mountain top like some wise old tricky kook, but I sure as hell know the deal. This cosmic mumbo-jumbo shit is just an invention of the minds of idiots like you. If I believed in such a thing as God then I'd be it because I invented it to begin with. Its only rational to tune into my nature and pride myself above all others, like a wolf in the woods, ready to snatch some prey!

BODHISATTVA: I'm not denying anything you've said. You are right and wrong in some sense. But here's one thing that I would like to mentioned. It seems as though beneath that animal body of yours and mine, beneath the beast, beneath all living things, there is a divine force that is your truest self. When I focus on a single point of awareness, I block all of my animal senses, I stop the scattered thoughts of my wild brain and in doing so, I sense deprivate and become aware of what's beyond. I become aware of the radiant light of the Godself which we are all apart of and connected to. It is us, inseparable! It is the source of all life and death. It is a Rawness that from which everything else is a modification of. Some never experience it directly. Some only read about it. But if you push yourself beyond your fleshy indulgences and limitations, you will come face to face with this Light, with your true self. Have you ever tried to tame the beast within?

SAVAGE: Uh huh… I tamed your mom! Slapped her in the pussy and fucked her in the ass. Hahahahaha… Ow… my fuckin arm


SAVAGE: You ever do that? Huh!! Ever fuck a bitch! Or are you too much an old crazy fuck to eat pussy… You know I bet you're probably still a virgin, and by now you're probably impotent too. I do owe you one for scaring off that beast. I could take you to the nearest Bordello and have your elderly ass de-virginized. Lots of delicious Hoes.. all taste like chicken though!! Muahahahahhahaha..Ow….huh… This one bitch I knew once, had no legs, lost them in an accident or some shit. I used to toss her on my lap and pound the fuck out of here, twirl her around in circles on my cock too, Hahahahah good times!


The Bodhisattva walked back to his spot, where he was previously seated, redressed himself and tossed a canteen of water then returned to his deep mediation. The savage greedily chugged most of it down and poured the rest on his wound, while wrapping bits of torn cloth from his dirty clothes around his arm.

SAVAGE: You know, how to make a fire with no matches? Let me teach you something old man. See these two sticks here… Ima rub em' real hard like I did to that one bitch's clit. Hehehehe...

BODHISATTVA: I feel your emptiness, brother. You take all the gratification you can get from the material world because you are trying to feed an emptiness that can never be fulfilled unless you fill it with the light of your "Higher Self" I have achieved supreme enlightenment and in doing so could withstand some of the most horrible scenarios in the world and feel nothing but bliss. I could scorch my flesh with flames and feel all of your best orgasms combined times a thousand-fold and more. I don't need material comforts because I can activate any pleasure or treasure from within. I have direct access to my neural behavior and could even experience a tantric orgasm at will if I wanted to, but none of it at all compares to the Light of the Absolute. But then again do not believe me. Experience it for yourself.

SAVAGE: You sound like a self-righteous prick but I think I'm startin' to like ya. What's this nonsense about this Light shit anyways. How do I experience this shit. Do I take a fuckin' mushroom or what?

BODHISATTVA: Here let me show you the art of Yoga.

With a small fire, half started amidst a nightly sky in the wilderness of Spiti Valley, The Savage and the Bodhisattva stood on one leg, palms together in front of their chests, breathing rhythmically and practicing the art of Yoga in attempt to experience enlightenment like never before.

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