Sunday, July 13, 2008

Video Mixing @ Reality Sandwich (7.12.08)

Visuals By Me, Mr. Domino, & Eric Rosado



Future Soul @ Seed _Video Experiments (7.11.08)

I did some mixes with Mr. Domino and Eric Rosado at Seed in Newark, NJ
We setup some psychedelic gaming/mixing and microscope camera magnifications~
Good Times ,... good times,....


(We used a mixing board, 2 dvd players, a laptop with Modul8, an Eyeclops microscope Camera, a PS2 with games like WipeOut, Final Fantasy, and Tekken, and an Infocus Projector.)


My Animation Demoreel

M.R. DemoReel 2008 from Kaliptus on Vimeo.


Welcome to my Artful Blogspot!!!

I'll be posting here tons of Ideas, Sketches, Articles, Photos, Animations, etc....
This post will take the blogspot virginity so here's some art I just recently sketched!