Tuesday, June 30, 2009

WWW.KALIPTUS.COM Website Release

My website is finally here. I'll be customizing it more over the next few weeks but its currently viewable. Be sure to log onto http://kaliptus.com & In-Joy!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Warriors of Time (Full Music Video)

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Presenting the full music video that we did for the Interscope band Black Tide.
Interscope requested that we come up with an iconic character that the band can use a’la Iron Maiden’s Eddie. After slamming our hand in a car door for a couple weeks we fleshed out the character and thus, the Bastard was born and his battle with the Bots has begun.

Director: Lance Sells

Animators: Lance Sells, Matt Burnett

Illustrators: Ray Frenden, Lance Sells, Miguel Rodrigues, Shamus Beyale

Concept Art, Character Design: Matt Burnett, Lance Sells, Miguel Rodrigues

Modeler/Texturer: Lance Sells, Miguel Rodrigues

Production Artist: Miguel Rodrigues

Producer: Andrew Runkle

Music: Black Tide ‘Warriors of Time’

Client: Interscope/Universal

Friday, June 12, 2009

Floating World Animation Festival 2009

Floating World Animation Fest 2009 Teaser - Holocene, June 25th from Floating World Comics on Vimeo.

Floating World Animation Fest 2009 Trailer - Holocene, June 25th from Floating World Comics on Vimeo.

The 3rd annual Floating World Animation Fest features mind melting video art and psychedelic animation from the secret world of motionography. "Secret" meaning these are the geniuses that make your music videos, on air graphics, commercials, credit sequences, and movie fx by day... but a closer look at their resumes reveals a true passion for artistic expression and creativity in their short films and experimental personal work. This year's fest screens at Holocene, Thursday June 25th, with a special bonus program curated by Show Cave Gallery (Los Angeles). Trailer features: Yoshi Sodeoka, Eve Duhamel, Peppermelon, Nofun, Bruno Dicolla, Mato Atom, Kaliptus, Kirsten Lepore, David O'Reilly, Nicolas Djandji, Peter Glantz. Music by: Glaznost. Poster by: Psilo Design

I was only 7 months old,...