Monday, May 30, 2011

Stonegate Portal

A stonegate portal into the shamanic realms of the undead, a doorway to parallel dimensions, a crystal stonehenge of its own. This loop was inspired by the ancient shamans and their supernatural relationships with large stones as gates or portals into other parallel realms of inter-dimensional space.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

DemoReel 2011

Created by Kaliptus (Miguel Rodrigues)

This is a montage of my recent works. Some of the clips are from projects I did for clients such as Marvel, Stephen King, Scott Westerfeld, Black Tide, MTV, WFPF, Barat Foundation, Shpongle and more.

Music: µ-Ziq - 56

Three Pen & Ink Sketches

Crystallizations of the Self

Heru, Heru...

Abstraction of Jimi Hendrix & Friend

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Kaliptus on News (working in the background) for Dalai Lama Mural, Newark NJ

Kaliptus (Mural Production Artist) on the news along with Sue Daly (Mural Director), Dan Fenelon (Mural Lead Designer), and Chandri Barat (Mural Producer) for the Dalai Lama/Peace Mural in Newark NJ. features one of my Loops :::)

The theme for May, 2011 is "Launch"
During AM hours, between projects I animated this loop.
Glad it got selected :::)

"Click here to watch the Launch animation @"
"Click here to watch all Loops from"

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Monday, May 9, 2011

New World Myesis

Fiction by Kaliptus

It was fairly early in the morning. The sun had not risen yet but the music had been on for days. The warm, breezy forest was well lit by green lasers and mystifying 3D projections, which were holographically displayed on the foggy skies. Everything about this summer morning seemed blissful, at least so far. The early birds chirped and moisture could be felt in the air and everywhere. As I approached the massive landscape in my driving friend’s sun roofed, hovering jeep, I could hear the bass-line kicking from a far like the muffled sounds of bass one hears when inevitably, one waits in line for a huge electronic music dance festival. As he drove us thru the acres of woodland, closer and closer, past the large trees of Upstate Old York and into the center of the vortex where hundreds of trance dancers stood, I took a moment to enjoy the precious and mysterious vibe. This sacred festival was to last many days and nights to come. It was a celebration and Despacho of its own. It was to be an evocation of the energies needed to change the blue print of our future. It happened once every year and though there were differences amongst the preference and opinions of what future the people should manifest as a whole, we would all get together and make something happen regardless of the differences. After all, we were nearing a very interesting era, which called for diverse and desperate measures.
We had waited all year and had come from many miles away. Our arrival was not so late. It was the perfect timing. After driving for a short while longer, my friend pulled in closer and turned into the outskirts of the dance area to park the Hover Jeep. I made sure to grab my backpack, which contained some water, Yerba Mate, some protein bars and a few oranges. My friend grabbed his backpack too. We hopped out of the vehicle and approached the scene.
"Ready for transcendence!" my friend Clyde shouted at me as we moved in. I went to answer but he had rushed through the dancers and vanished in the raving crowds like a raindrop in the ocean.
The music was extremely hypnotic. This was no ordinary Mind Jockey. The sounds that were outputted from her mind and into the mind-translating sound wave devices were of no regular Mind Jockey. MJ-Indigo was her name. You could see her alias and logo projected from time to time in the skies. Her mental symphonies sounded like that which Mozart would have dreamed of at night but could never compose in his waking days. Her genius audio composition was the perfect vehicle for transcending the consciousness of all those in the trance dance experience. As she hovered around in her levitating sound booth, about 50 feet above, meditating with her gear connected to her brain, you could see the effect of her sounds on everyone’s body language. The music was recreating an advanced form of the trance that had been induced for millennia in human history, originally through the ancient drumming of the earliest tribes. The hypnosis of the synthetic mind drums was so powerful that it cast a chain-reaction affect on the unified consciousness of the crowd. The dance shamans, trancers, psychonauts and neo-mages were already at work. So many new faces, yet they seemed so familiar as if we had done this before together in a previous life or parallel universe of some sort.
As I entered right into the core of the dance magic, I witnessed the most profound interplay of forces emitting from certain individuals. We were all prone to experiencing the psychic phenomenon. Some types were conscious of it but others, while still affected, were not. Some could feel the forces, while others could see them as incandescent energies or even symbolical expressions of what was being cast into the shared psychic field in our dance area vortex. Some tuned into it in completely unique ways but I was a total vision guy. The direction of the energy manifested for the blue print of the future would reveal it self to me as a system of symbolical phantoms in my mind’s eye. It was as if a screen existed in my perception, between my eyes and the physical world, in which different symbols and visions would manifest. In some cases I would also see expressions of what some called the Divine Spirit, or that which lies in a, normally unseen dimension of perception that is parallel with our world. And the visions seemed be in sync with everything else that was going on, as if they were emitted from some shared non-local channel that was everywhere and nowhere at the same time. I had met some in the past who were also Visionary Perceivers of the directed energies. But in the past and possibly even now, most of the few who were actually aware of this Great Work were capable of tuning into the phenomenon by sensing and feeling.
Across from me, a tall and skinny Haitian middle-aged man jumped into an opening circle that the dancers made and began to express some intense body motions. His movements seemed to be geared towards the attempt to neutralize the entropy of the vibes. His dance and energy appeared to me to resemble a higher balance and dynamic neutrality. He was very aware of the energy field as a whole and seemed to be aiming at the attainment of unified harmony. As he waved his arms in the air and stomped his feet on the ground to the awesome sounds of MJ-Indigo, I began to become aware of a very intricate symbol. My intuition defined it as a symbol of higher balance. His energies were an expression of respect for both the forces of creation and the forces of destruction. In the previous years, most neutral trance dancer energy-directors had dominated the "behind the scenes", non-local blueprint that is intertwined and interconnected throughout our reality.
But I was already seeing that this year things were a bit different.
The Haitian continued to strive for this neutrality through his dancing but a group of three, nasty little dance wizards took it upon themselves to tip over his balance by casting a subtle and indirect conflict on him. As all three of them grinned with the intention of recruiting the man onto their side of intentions, the taller one of the three offers the Haitian a drink. His gesture reflects double meaning, which could be taken as a friendly offering or a subtle message to chill out, dance less and drink some water. The Haitian tries to maintain the energy’s neutrality so he takes the bottle from the tall, grinning man and drinks from it. As he takes a few moderate sips, the other two who had also come with the tall guy began to dance behind the Haitian with expressions of evil and parasitic nature. The atmospheric symbols began to descend and a darker archival of glyphs became discernible. The Haitian immediately pass the bottle back, still confident that his intentional energies would soon re-dominate the collective field but one of the two who danced behind him came to drink next. She was a very pale, red haired girl with a very sexy appearance but somehow succubus like and full of temptation. As she took the bottle to her mouth and lifted her head to the skies for a large gulp, her seductive hair waved in the wind and the Haitian was charmed. The symbols flickered from harmony to deception and back. There was a struggle between the forces. The pale girl finished drinking, passed the bottle back to the tall guy and began to dance with the Haitian. His energy totally dropped down to her level, as he became tempted and seduced by her spellbinding dance. I could see signs of possession and darkness strobing through the Haitian’s eyes as he gazed upon her dark beauty. The balance tipped over and he was subconsciously recruited onto the side of a more corrupt frequency.
Symbols of dark lords and horned succubi began to manifest all around us. The moon became covered by clouds. A few of those who were on the side of the dark energy could now be heard howling with wild laughter from a near distance. The Haitian was now a leaf in their wind and the skies had turned completely dark and cloudy. Two others who also seemed to have the appearance of being neutral during my arrival earlier had now changed their attitude and made grimacing faces. Their frowns accidentally empowered the succubi energy and they too fell to the dark side. I now witnessed bleeding orbs and reversed pentagrams with eyes of darkness in their centers. This was no time for neutral grounds. These desperate measures called for extremities in the vibe. A different light skinned girl, wearing a t-shirt with a Ying Yang graphic on her chest, drew near the dance area with a glowing Hoola hoop and began to spin it to the beat. Her dance moves and Hoola spins began to secrete symbiotic ecstasy and colorful energies of healthy symmetry began to blast out from her motioned spins. Over the course of a few seconds, the collective energy frequencies had ascended from the darkness, past neutrality and into a higher style of celebration. Her neutrality had left as she made her mark on the side of the light. The clouds finished passing and the full moon was once again revealed and exposed. Glimpses of a new dawn also became apparent as more clouds began to part and the dark wizards became disempowered. They left the immediate dance area, took the Haitian with them and went on to either explore the rest of the revelry or hide from the high dose of positivity.
I was totally in my element now. After all, I had craved much for a sort of Utopian life style ever since my near death experience that I had undergone, once, during a faulty teleportation travel crash, back in my college days. I remember leaving my human senses entirely during the accident and emerging into a world of paradise as if I had been granted access to the back door of Eden. Whether or not that world existed outside of my psyche or not I could not rationalize, but the experience itself had made me anew. The doctors and psychotherapists had explained my descriptions of this utopian heaven as bio-chemical hallucinations or symptoms of a dying brain. But the very core and essence of what I had felt and witnessed touched me so deep, that I knew for myself that there was more to it than they even cared to know about.
I became energized, instantaneously, with a flashback memory of some distant but extremely vivid and vibrant rapture of the eternal past. My body propelled forward and began to dance and the energy quality began to improve even more. As I slowly began to draw nearer and nearer to the center of the open dancing circle, a dragon fly closely passes in front of me from my right to left, turns back around behind me and then loops back around the front of my chest and returns with its flight to its designated destination. It felt like nature had used the dragonfly to cast a circle of protection and empowerment, around me. The moment's phenomenon sent chills of bliss tingling up my spine to my neck and inspired me to dance with more energy. As I danced more and more, I could see those who seemed to be on the side of good intentions become more energized as well. And, as a result of it all, I become aware of a new vision. Our dancing coalition started to shoot incandescent beams into the skies and as the beams spiraled upwards, the overall visionary shape and form manifested as an eidetic and semi-transparent materialization of a technologically advanced mosque or temple. This large hallucinatory structure, that now towered above us seemed to be behaving like a serene, energy generator. Microcosmic shooting stars began to emit from the highest tip of the structure and then arch back down towards the dancers. A fountain of energies poured from the structure and the beams landed all around us. A huge portion of the crowd began to cheer, but a few who seemed gloomier than others, gestured disapproval in their dance moves. Rainbow lights and symbolical representations of celestial triumph and rejuvenation dominated the vision-based, shared channel of frequencies. This prolonged act of healing marked its presence into the universal blueprint of our unborn futures a bit deeper than the few previous evocations.
We all danced in great spirits for about twenty more minutes until MJ Indigo's excellent mind sounds came to an end. Her turn was now over and a different MJ approached. As MJ Indigo began to unhook the gear from her brain and controlled the levitating sound booth to land on its designated landing base, many people clapped and cheered. She had really created a beautiful and impressive sound of the rare kind. The next MJ walked up to her, shook hands with MJ Indigo and got inside the sound booth with a slightly dark grin on his face. There was a sort of dark feeling or aura that accompanied his style. Indigo walked out from the booth and a handful of people started to make their way to compliment her. The sound booth began to float and rise above. The alias “Vamp” began to flash on the sky projections for the new MJ. He was tall, skinny and very pale, wearing a shiny black trench coat and expensive black shades. His hair was very long and straight, reaching down to the back of his pelvis. He begin to hook up the gear to his brain and in a short amount of time, his mind music began.
A darker sound began to emerge. At first it didn’t change the vibe much, but in matter of minutes the dance circles took on a sinister sensation. A few of Vamp’s hardcore fans made their way to the main dance area and began to enjoy themselves. There were three guys and two girls all dressed in black, wearing a neo-industrial style of clothing. One of the girls, the more attractive one, wearing a spiked collar, black lipstick, a tight black t-shirt with tight leather pants and thigh high dominatrix boots, unfolded a flag with Vamp’s production logo on it and began to wave it the air as she bounced up and down. It was a graphic of a black skull with fangs on a red velvet background. Her tallest and oldest buddy, a red skinned Russian, built with muscle and a shiny, shaved head, whipped out a metallic flask from the pocket of his military pants and began to chug from it. He then poured the blood red wine from the flask all over his baldhead and began to dance aggressively. His skinny buddy, pale as a ghost but nerdy looking, wearing a sort of neo-gothic vest, nails painted black and shaved eyebrows, prepared his very advanced Palm sized HD camera and began to record the event.
A mob of shrieking bats flew across the field as the sound booth levitated higher into the sky. Vamp’s sounds had a very primordial style to them. The mental sound waves that could best be described as psydustrial yet gloomy, echoed through the forests like trickling dynamic particles bouncing off from one tree to another. The acoustics were high quality but very dark. They almost evoked a sort of devil force or nocturnal energy amongst the vibes. The other two fans of Vamp, who seemed to be dating, moved hastily into the middle of the dance ground. The dark skinned girl seemed to be in her mid twenties. Her hair was purple and she wore a black tank top and a red and grey plaid skirt. Grabbing the hand of a bearded, average height, hooded, middle-aged man she pulled him closer to her and began to dance with him dead in the middle of the central area.
I continued to dance, observing everything as it was but also taking notice that risky ambience was amidst the air. I did not fear it but neither did I trust it. A few of the dancers who were very cheery just a few minutes ago begin to leave the area. One of them, a girl with feathers of a hawk interlocked into her dreaded, light brown hair, grabbed her South American poncho and headed away for a break. Her car keys fell from the poncho without her taking notice. I went to go grab them but a strange and dark figure scooped it quickly from the ground and the keys were gone in an instance. I tried to look around but the figure was mysteriously gone, nowhere to be found. I went to chase after the girl to alert her of her missing and possibly stolen car keys and accidentally bumped hard into the baldheaded Russian.
“Watch where you’re going!” The Bald man said in a sort of growling manner. I wiped the nasty blood red wine from shoulder and excused myself.
“Sorry about that.” I told him in a slightly nervous manner as I continued forth to reach out to the girl, but by the time I looked again in her direction she was gone too. Damn it, I thought to myself. It’s really going to suck for her when she discovers her keys are missing, especially when she tries to go home. I could see that some of Vamps fans were laughing at the little incident and rushed on forth to search for the girl a bit more. Flashing visions of iniquity amplified before me in my central field of seeing. Feelings of tension and uneasiness began to rise as I came to the conclusion that it was going to be hard to find the girl and returned to the dancing.
A slight anger began to take place inside me. I tried to brush it off and began to dance with more energy. An older, hooded lady with a strange sort of Turkish apparel gave me a strange look of wickedness from a distance as if to empower herself and the dark side even more, but I stared intensely right back at her, took a deep breath and began to visualize rainbow energies spiraling around the atmosphere. As I continued forth, two Indian guys came dancing forth with a powerful sense of illumination and prosperity. One of them wore a green t-shirt with some Mayan designs on it and khaki shorts and the other also wore earthly colored, simple clothes with no shoes. As the two came, stomping hard on the dirt, the sounds began to sort of flicker as if the MJ had temporarily lost his focus over the performance. The Bald Russian began to show a grimace on his face and began yell in Russian at his nerdy friend who seemed to pay no attention, as if jaded to his buddy’s short temperament and aggression. He then placed his flask down, picked up the girl with the flag and placed her over his shoulders as he made his way to the center of action. The big dude and the chick with the flag complimented Vamp with beastly gestures of sinister gratitude and praise. As the bald man jumped up and down, I couldn’t help but notice how wonderfully plump the girl’s breasts were as they bounced up and down, beneath her tight black t-shirt. One could tell she was not wearing her bra. My daze spontaneously broke when my friend who had drove me here appeared out of the left field.
“Here, try some of this. I got some, really high grade, sun dried Yerba Mate mixed with Kratom leaves from a friend I haven’t seen in a while. It’s warm too. He boiled some water on that fire by his tent, over the hills.” He pointed in the direction of his buddy’s tent as he past me a gourd and bombilla.
“Thanks, man.” I replied as I sipped on the warm tea a few times, passed it back and continued to dance. The two of us clomped our feet to the beat and watched the interplay of forces and dancers alike. It was like the universe was dancing through us, in the same way that the stars dance and orbit through out the galaxies of the cosmos. Just the very thought of it alone began to trigger visions in me of a spiraling galaxy, much like a Jaina cross with an eye at the center. I took notice that the serene Indian dudes danced more joyously as if they were aware and pleased with my mental images. The Russians however, seemed to lose their passion for the aberrant vibes. The Big Bald Russian placed the girl back down on the floor and the two walked away from the scene.
“Has anyone lost a pair of keys?” shouted a gracefully thin girl with pink and blonde stripes in her hair. “I just found them on the by the dirt when I was dancing. I know these belong to somebody.” They were the keys that had been previously snatched by some hooded thief. I went to go and tell her what I had witnessed before but out of nowhere, the girl in dreads appeared to greet her as if she had known her but not seen her in a long while.
“Nina! So good to see you” shouted the girl in dreads as she leaped forward with a massive hug.
“Peach, it’s been too long!” she replied as the two hugged and smiled at each other. Ethereal rainbows emanated from the two, filling the voids around and within with exuberance and jollity.
“I just found this pair of keys on the ground. Want to help me find the rightful owner?” Asked Nina.
“Oh my god, how did you find those? I could have sworn I had them on me this whole time!” Replied Peach with astonishment. “Thank you so much! This is so weird, Oh my god!” The two hugged again and jumped up and down to the beats as the music went on. I watched in amazement and felt better about the whole situation. I guess sometimes you just have to trust in optimistic chance and synchronicity.
The sun began to dawn more so now. Birds began to chirp and all clouds parted. Hues of a hot orange and pink cast a spherical gradient into the blue sky above. You could see everyone around much more vivid now. Tree shadows stretched out away from the dawn and cool breezes circled around the arrival of the pleasant warmth. The sounds of the MJ even took a turn to a more mellow and downtempo style. I looked at the last of the clouds and they seemed to form the shape of what appeared to be a Sumerian goddess that I could have possibly browse a glimpse at previously on the net. Mystical jewels and ornaments of paradisiacal essence draped over her garment as she lied there horizontally with an arm bent and palm holding her resting head. What a witty exquisiteness! I’m not sure if everyone was aware of the clouds at the moment or if they would even see what I was seeing or just clouds as they were but, to me, the archetypal forces of the essence of Goddess had manifested right before us all as if to initiate entrance into a divine dimension of jovial experience from here on.
MJ Vamp’s turn was now over and he descended down from the local heavens and landed the sound booth. Clasping his hands together in a sort of grimacing surrender, he formed a gesturing prayer of respect. He bowed down to the people as they clapped and blessed him with good intentions and all his fans dragged him away into the woods where the long-drawn-out shadows lay. The sound booth began to rise spontaneously as if it were piloting it self on its own. Everyone glanced at it in puzzlement and awe. It spiraled around rising higher and higher until it reached a point directly in the center of the grounds we were in. Amidst the moment of silence, you could hear the chit chatters of everyone as they pointed and looked above to the booth, levitating in stillness. Two decorative arches unleashed from the base of the booth and connected at the top, creating the aesthetic design on a Tibetan Buddhist temple roof. Lotus petals then branched out from the base and begin to spin slowly as the radiant LED lights exuded in magnificence. Fire works of multiple colors began to explode from the outskirts of the forest and into the skies as a fat, smiling elder, popped his head from within the bottom of the booth to break the silence with a trippy but very Zen like commencing gong sound.
It was the headliner MJ most of us had all been waiting for. It was Audio Buddha, himself and somehow he had snuck himself into the booth without anyone seeing him. Everyone began to clap and cheer loudly as his smile and appearance radiated ever so brightly. As the booth began to spin and float around and away from the previous spot, his psychotropic sounds began to build up. The good vibes were contagious and they had spread to most of the dancers now. I could only envision what it looked like from the Audio Buddha’s view. Waves of celebratory dancers, jumping up and down to the mystical sounds of his enlightened wonder, rippled across the morning’s glory. A feeling of ultimate joy arose in me as I felt the unified experience peak to the max. It was the most perfect spiritual communion. My hands joined together by my lower abs, spontaneously, as I surrendered to the awesome vibe. Powerful lights began to emit from my very hands as they shot streams of gleam into the skies like shooting stars. Many cheered louder as this happened as if they had seen it or felt it.
“Keep doing whatever you just did. That was awesome.” My friend spoke as the loud beats echoed through the forest. The sense of a paradigm shift began to take hold. I felt as if a parallel paradise was emerging and with it came a huge rush. I pushed forth, with more energy and stomped the dirt harder. All of a sudden, flashbacks of my near death experience flooded my perception with vividness. I began to feel the rawness that I felt then and channeled it into the dance grounds. A vast multitude of holographic eyes began to manifest all around and within me as I stomped my feet deeper into the dirt. Nature cast a wind of subtle force, not so aggressively as to disrupt the event but more so as a symbol of presence cast on by nature to resemble its avail of conscious genius. Eyes filled the skies clouds and void alike, symmetrically perfect, in synchronized unison, opening one by one all around. I felt as if my body transformed into static waves and felt my sense of flesh dissolve into the winds. A sense of moving around the forest and flying took place as my mind’s awareness began to approach the sound booth and in just a matter of seconds, I felt as if I shared the same head as Audio Buddha. I could now see, feel and hear the entire celebration through his sensory organs. The visions of the eyes seemed to amplify as all the pupils and irises of the metaphysical eyes began to shine brightly a white brilliant light, which directly with speed and might, cast multiple beams onto the crowds on the ground. Everything turned white.
A tap of excitement broke me away from the intense experience. I turned around and a middle aged man, who could have been Korean or Mongolian was pointing in a distance to what appeared to be a blue skinned, shirtless man with long black hair.
“You see that guy right there?” Asked the Asian dude. “He’s a legendary Yoga master. Some say his skin turned blue, do to yoga forced chemical changes that took place in his Pituitary gland. His hormones are said to regulate differently than everyone’s. Some say he even ages slower.”
I looked in the distance and encountered an increase of focus in my awareness. A connection took place as if a direct and invisible line connected me from my feelings to his. No one else seemed to notice him except for me and the Asian who now winked, smiled and made his way back into the seas of dance.
The blue man approached closer to me. His steps were slow and placid as if though he was walking, he was merely levitating. His movements seemed more real than the usual movements of real life, clear without motion blur as if my eyes saw them not as a sequential, frame by frame linear experience but rather pure movement happening in a single point of present time, or rather, timelessness. He came close to me holding something, glowing in his right hand. He approached my chest with the revealed object he held now so brightly.
“Take this key and carry it with you inside of your heart. When the time comes, you will know what to do with it.” Spoke the blue man as he thrusted the strange elongated crystalloid object into my chest.
“Why me?” I replied as a climax of heroic energy began to vibrate through all of the pores on my skin.
“You are the purest one here.” Replied the blue man in a low tone. The white lights began to diffuse and spread all around like resilient particles of vivacious brightness. Everything burst into the whiteness and once again I experienced nothing but a unified White Vibration. This was truly the center of Alpha and Omega, the unborn and immortal, the source from which everything else in existence is a modification of.
When I regained my waking consciousness, my body had been dancing for me the whole time, as if to enable me to just sit back and enjoy the ride, on the inside, when I had let go completely just before. Everyone around me seemed extremely content and we danced.
Visions of a new blueprint for the species and cultures of the planet began to glimmer their way into visual existence. Never before seen, symbols of a new dawn, animated forth like an artful scripture of motion graphics. These were turbulent and informative, exploding into more and more glyphs of diversity, which appeared to be stimulated by feelings of novelty, optimism and the possibility of a much higher type of existential freedom. This interplay of divine information began to spread through everyone as if to bind itself into the essence of all. Visions of DNA RNA Feedback being intertwined with this new model for the universe glinted before me. I had the awesome feeling that everything would change after that moment. That the possibility of all beings living in symbiotic relationship on this mother spaceship we call Earth would take place at higher rates of complexity, effectiveness, and beneficial intelligence. The once before impossible idea and urge to advantage all without disadvantaging any, embodied itself in my nerves as not just a code of ethic, but very much so as a realistic path of great fulfillment.
I sighed to the cosmos with great exuberance, knowing that we had all changed for the better and never return the same. In a sense, we had become more human than human, more open and connected in behavioral expression, more sensitive to subtle signals and also more capable of enduring anything. We had become even more aware that we were all a hell of a lot more powerful than we would even care to admit and that with such a feat came a grand and joyous sense of responsibility. Through us, the universe had upgraded their model for conscious experience like never before. This moment would be recorded in the genetic strings of history like no other and it would be remembered, omni-locally beyond all the stars of the universe. This spiritual communion had turned into the ultimate spiritual evolution and much like the hundredth monkey phenomenon, our moment’s cosmic treasures were beginning to spread through out all of humanity. And so the future was rewritten once again to be experienced in the present. Life would go on as ever more so divine and all the sentient beings of earthly life regained their vision, knowledge and wisdom of the cosmic way. Unified as the one universe and masked as the many unique expressions of personified conscious creation, we danced forth deified with might, glory, love and divinity.

The grounds for the resurrection of a superior reality had been established, but the bigger day was still yet to come…

Once Upon A Universe

Here's a video of the Digital Shamanism Performance

This performance was an improv collaboration initiated by Kaliptus and Ivan Youngblood, where the audience participated in making sound art and transcendental shamanism through the use of multimedia. The performance was a part of the art show "Once Upon a Universe" at the Roland Ramos Gallery in Hoboken NJ.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

"Eye Am Watching You"

Multimedia Interactive Arts Installation by Kaliptus
Dream Stream - Montclair NJ - April 9th 2011

Music: Boards of Canada - Sherbet Head