Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Feedback Station

Feedback Station from Kaliptus on Vimeo.

This mini pod was created as a feedback exploration station/video arts installation for Desiderata Festival/2010. During the festival anyone was welcome to step into the geodesic mini dome and play around with multiple FX & Feedback Loops.

Feedback Station & Feedback FX by Kaliptus​2010

You could also check the link below to see how to build the actual geodesic pod structure

Dreams of the Clear White Goddess

Dreams of the Clear White Goddess (Part I)
Fiction by Kaliptus

It had been nearly three hours since the black out. I couldn’t remember what had happened before but I was clearly in the middle of a very strange freshwater swamp forest with no clues as to how I had gotten there. The uncanny ambience of the unfamiliar environment was very alien to me. Odd-looking plants, ranging in hues of red-orange, indigo, fuscia and mostly green, pulsated around me as if breathing in sync with one another. The skies above were very orange and different from any atmosphere I had ever witnessed, almost as if I were awake in a very real yet psychotropic dream. Strange grasses danced and swayed side to side, as a pinkish fog above traveled like a gaseous cloud with a will of its own, turning slowly then twisting and changing direction randomly as if directed by some other force of flow-motion that I could not feel. “How did I get here?” I continuously asked myself “Where could such an unearthly forest manifest itself as peculiar and beautiful as this one?”
I started to move further and further away from the pulsating plants and through a cleared opening that I had spotted near the dancing grasses. Every now and then, feelings of wanting to panic would arise, but I forced them back down, into my gut, and went on to exploring, in hopes of remembering how it all started. The last thing I could remember was driving my car at around 2 in the morning, through the stormy and thundering highways on route 78 in Phillipsburg, New Jersey. Lightning flashed all around me and rain started to pour heavily from the dark skies. Then suddenly I came into a close encounter with a really large light that came from the skies as if a massive lightning bolt had crashed through the windshield and struck me directly. The bolt was more of a rippling beam than a lightning strike, which felt as though thru its turbulent dynamics, the behavior of the voltage ray violated Newtonian laws of physics. Had I been hit or abducted by a UFO? Did a raging bolt from the storms hit me in the brain, causing psychosis or some sort of mystical experience to occur? Or had I crashed my car and died, waking up in a strange heaven of organic madness and magnificent mystery? The possibilities were wild and many but the truth of my perceptual matter was that I had somehow awakened in this strange world, with no memories of how I had gotten there. I wandered through the clearing to encounter something even more unexpected.
A few yards away, I could see what appeared to be strange elven plant-people or gnomish leprechauns with viney leaves growing out of them and greenish skins parading in a row around the perimeter of a swampy landscape. I jumped back and hid behind an exotic bush, peering out to these little, odd fellows as they carried these majestic and glowing, perfectly symmetrical & geometrical objects. The bright polyhedron objects seemed as if they were made up of raw energy, which radiated with neon incandescence and shifting, rainbow-like hues. They all seemed to be headed towards a large glowing cocoon in the vicinity, which also seemed to breath and pulsate like some of the plants I had previously encountered. The cocoon seemed to measure anywhere from 30 to 35 feet in height and about 28 feet in width, coated with crystalline hexagonal shapes and an opening entrance on its right side. An illuminated radiance strobed from the entrance as some of the plant elves entered with the polyhedrons and others left, empty handed, as if to get more. Amused in disbelief, I held my breath and gazed at this preposterous scene. Had I gone mad? I began to question just how real this all was and was quickly disturbed by a rapid kind of kidnap.
Sticky vines with a hexagon-shaped, textured skin hastily ambushed me by wrapping themselves around all of my limbs and torso, covering me entirely from head to toe. I began to panic but the pressure from the vines wrapped around my chest prevented me from breathing properly. I could feel myself being lifted by the vines with great speed and force as my stomach literally dropped down. And then amidst the moment, hundreds of little fast moving worms slip out from the vine spores and slip into me through every orifice in my body. I can feel them inside me, growing, expanding, transforming me from within, filling my insides with great force and pressure. My forehead fills with a great swelling. I lose consciousness… again.

Dreams of the Clear White Goddess (Part II)

I began to awaken. My eyes were closed and they felt so heavy as if I hadn’t slept in days. I could hear some kind of phased or motorized flanger effect near by as if some sort of angelic generator close by kept running on and on. Limbs wrapped in vines and body hanging in the air I attempt to open my eyes. My vision, blurry at first, shows me the most magnificent environment. I appear surrounded by floating geometric shapes, possibly some of the objects that the miniature plant people were bringing into the cocoon right before I was ambushed by the vines. As a matter of possibility, this might be the inside of a larger cocoon I’m hanging in, with walls designed by the intricate and hexmetrical textures of the alien plant life world all around.
Before I could really get a better look a round at all the mesmerizing detail, a sort of glowing bubble appeared in the center of my vision and began to grow and expand. It appeared in such an eidetic vividness that it even seemed more real than reality itself. This sort of holographic bubble grew larger to about the size of tent, perfectly round in shape and ultra photonic in appearance. All in the matter of a few seconds, the spherical shape floated closer to me, expanding bigger and revealing within itself what appeared to be a really large semi-transparent garden with a feminine presence in the central foreground. It almost reminded me of a massive crystal ball or a spherical television, except inside it existed a universe of its own with a serene lady to greet me at the front.
I stare into the transparent garden’s distance for a split second and glimpse the landscape filled with vegetation, grasses, and bushes that burn with electric blue hues and red oranges. And the female deity in the front, wearing what appeared to be a sort of spring-like sleeveless silky smooth dress, with her back arching towards me and her hand reaching out, moved closer and closer towards my heart. Her movement was so pure that it felt almost too real in comparison to the usual motion of the world I was used to. As her hand moved closer and closer it seemed to move through the sphere and out of the radius, into the space I was in. My first uncontrollable reaction was ecstatic love and rapture. I felt as if she was about to liberate my heart from any turmoil or discomfort. But less than a second later, I began to feel a sense of impending doom and wondered. What if the minute she grabs my heart I meet my own death.
I began to toss and turn violently as she moved closer with her hand, panicking in a fierce tantrum. The vines holding me in mid air grasp me tighter and move in towards my torso for a better grip and hold. Then I hear a very soft voice speak out to me in the most ominous and telepathic style.
“Be calm, young star son, be calm. For your path is about to become a new gem in the grid of eternity. We have been born and died and reborn and re-died and have traveled around and within. It is time for change. The fate of the entire universe lies in your heart. Be brave, oh chose one, be brave…”
The Lady in the bubble thrusts her hand through my chest and into my heart, grabbing it in a flash of a blink. Immediately, I enter an electrifying and shocking peak of experience where powerful visions, thoughts, sensations, and feelings of archetypal detail enter my brain. Strobing with haste, my sight takes on a form of vision of its own accord. I undergo a journey though myriad like labyrinths of various energies arching into an enormous super highway of hyperspace symbols and hieroglyphs never seen before, followed by roller coaster type of riding, incredibly fast through grid formation tunnels that twist and turn and spin and lead me further through the cosmic rabbit hole into a whole new array of archaic elements that seem to contrast or contradict one another through angelic and demonic means which no sooner than later get infiltrated by hundreds of staring eyes and then FLASH! All the colors of my visions fuse together into a blazing “White Light” like no other, disintegrating my every sensation of being into mere static. I feel as though my flesh evaporates into white noise or tiny particles, which then travel as waves in the sensational vortex right before disappearing completely. I become the White Light! I… I am Universe and beyond. I am that I am!

Dreams of the Clear White Goddess (Part III)

It all made sense to me now. I felt unified and enlightened. I had stepped out of myself into my “supra-self” and in a sort of rapture I came to understand exactly why and how I had gotten here. As I awakened from the White Void and back into the large cocoon, the vines release me limb by limb and I begin to fall down, away from the visions of the floating Lady. My body drops down. As I fall deeper and deeper into an almost bottomless pit, an elite, prana-synthetic hybrid armor begins to fly from the increasing darkness all around and come crash into my flesh, attaching it self as many parts, piece by piece, meshing with my flesh and nerves like super-alien coating shells. I begin to look like a “mega” humanoid supreme being. Organic armor of symmetrical design and dynamic efficiency covers every inch of my flesh, enhancing all of my senses, body parts, and abilities. The fall finally comes to an end as I land and kneel on a cavernous and moist pavement at the base of the gargantuan cocoon. I look ahead of me and a new path is accessible as a crystalline tunnel filled with tiny shimmering orbs of multiple hues. Intuitively and instinctively I dash forward in a super sprint of light speed, leaving a permanent trail of floating light behind me. The orbs all around on the horizontally, cylindrical, inner walls of the tunnel transform into beams do to the velocity of the velocity of my motion. The tunnel path then turns and swirls, it curves and whirls, it spirals and drops down until I reach an opening that leads me back into the strange freshwater swamp forest I had originally awakened in. I dash forward through the environments ahead until reaching a dead end cliff.
I peer over the cliff and stumble upon a wasteland of death. The green leaves had were gone in just a matter of minutes, and this deserted land confronted me with the will of death, the outrage and urge to rest, to close down all the dimensional gate ways of living experience and return to the void of nothingness. I knew my goals. And beyond my goals I had the hunger for life, more now so then ever. I wanted this. I wanted to progress and expand in a rush of joy and motion on and on, forward through the illusions of time, creating them like an artist paints on a canvas and slowly builds up a painting. Except my painting is infinite and my brush is consciousness.
I looked over the desert’s hellscape and as it darkened and morphed into a pit of black insectoid demons, I centered my self and awareness. The demonic extensions of “Thanatos” began to surround me, calling out in telepathic whispers, “we want to rest, bring the eternal sleep back to the worlds!”
As the haunting went on and they charged to annihilate my inner core, my points of focus increased in sharpness and clarity. I began to move through space and time with the waves of defense, slicing demon after demon with my Prana-beam slicer blades, which my arms had extended into. Thousands of these critters charge at me like a swarm as I chop and trim devil parts all around. I wanted to put these creatures out of their misery. Give them the rest they need by destroying them entirely and bring them to their “Void”.
They began to close in one me closer, landing on my armor and covering me entirely. The black swarm fills my local space entirely. I feel all their needs, wills, and goals. Immune to their pains, I witness their catharsis. I give them a chance to express their final demonstration as a violet light begins to glow in the center of my forehead. My violet light begins to grow larger in scale as wave-like sphere and my armor begins to harden. The demons swirl around harder and stronger like a violent storm, forging their last strength of rebellion. I feel the force in my head explode like a super-dimension ejaculation of the forces and begin to blast a White Noise beam right through the black swarm of Death. The demons disintegrate out of existence. They become liberated from their death-seeking Ego Cages and experience fulfilling their true souls with a Return to Nothingness.
The blackness fades away. The armor fades away. The world I was previously in melt away entirely and I awake on the highway below the raining and thundering night skies of route 78. Soaked entirely from head to toe, I feel my sense of higher purpose. I return to my earthly world of illusions with a sense of ambition higher than ever. I locked the gate and broke the key to the apocalypse. Reborn as a guardian of “Life”, I leave my demolish car that I had previously crashed, and walk the highways with universal confidence. Though my fleshy head seemed to be bleeding a bit, I knew inside that I was fine. That I had become better than I had ever been before. I walked through the rain, imaging in my mind the visions of “Utopian Reconstruction”. It was time to turn the world into a Life-Loving paradise. It was time to rip open these skies and let heaven pour out into this planet. I walked on, determined, and the rain started to fade.

"The Beyond Within" Arts Installation

"The Beyond Within" Arts Installation from Kaliptus on Vimeo.

I created this visual arts installation for Digable Arts Festival as a means to reflect upon those certain states of being that exist in the unseen realms of one's reality and inner being. "The Beyond Within" was a sort of device & portal. A secret space was created and easily accessable, behind the layered projection screens, for the purpose of consciousness expansion and exploration. During the 2 days art festival I often sneaked back there and privately witnessed the "otherside" of the visuals and heard voices of bypassers and their comments on the installation.

Art Installation by Kaliptus/2010
Location: Digable Arts Festival (Hoboken Monroe Center)

Music Track: Atriohm - Tengri

3 Inked Sketches from "The Beyond Within"