Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Amongst The Trees...

In the twilight summers of the pines, shadows twist and twirl in the night
And when the approaching Sun, casts the light, The Despacho begins to shine bright.

Our mandala was different... We danced,... We provided the energy, and beauty,
We played the role of the many unique life-forces that the planet needed most,

Amidst our apocalypse, we danced,... we focused with all we had on our new sight
Casting out the dys-functions into understanding, and stomping the dirt with might.

A cluster of motion, Initiations manifest! Thanks to a handful,..all weapons fall!
Techno-dynamic chariot domes of pure energy formulate all around showering our Host!


It was real, like any other illusion, Like colors, and sounds and spaces you gaze.
Where earth and heaven become one, the universal mind awakens the higher pathways

And we are made from the star dusts of outer space, and we were made Conscious,
And thru us the universe has been made conscious! We are the will of "∑xistence".

Lets dance amongst the trees and play unified god, Lets create 700 timeless days,
Our very blink of perception has a major effect, So we danced amongst the foggy haze

The old wise trees honored above, and below the feet stomped to the echoing psy-waves,
But within and without, we pushed our intent, Let us keep and improve what we have!!!!

And we danced,....


Tuesday, September 9, 2008